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  The moment we all have been waiting for
Posted by: Abdul - 12-30-2016, 07:18 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (48)

Hey everyone, finally, its time to announce the new staff members for our community.

Initially, I would like to thank everyone who applied for the staff. We received as many over 20 applications but sadly, few will win.

Anyway, the winners of the staff of Zombie Plague servers are:

Saint Pleasure Machine

The winners of assault server are:


Congratulations everyone. Now remember to be active in the server you are assigned in. Check out your new private discussion forums for further clarification.

To those who didn't win. Better luck next time guys. Try abuse as much as possible so I can strip your as early as I can... No seriously I want to :p

Welcome to the blue team.

Edit: Congratulations to the new Community Managers Smile

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  Newest Update
Posted by: Spark - 11-17-2016, 04:02 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (20)

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce the newest update to our security system. We have added several new hacks to our detection list, which the server will automatically detect and ban players who use them. On top of that, our new update makes sure that banned players stay banned, and are not able to get around their ban. It's safe to say that you wont be seeing the same hackers in the servers anymore, they will start to disappear Smile.

That's all for now, more updates will be posted soon...

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  Another Upgrade
Posted by: Spark - 08-23-2016, 06:32 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (4)

Hey Everyone,

We've just installed another upgrade on our servers. We have switched over from the default cstrike game mod to ReGameDLL_CS, which is a reworked version with a lot of improvements and optimizations. With this upgrade the servers should now be running 3x times faster than the original ones, there should be a further increase in server performance and stability and a better overall game play. The server's CPU usage has dropped dramatically with this upgrade.

Another important update is our new security system. Our servers now automatically detect and ban hackers upon their attempt to join the server. This new system detects many hacks ranging from wallhacks, aimbots, speedhacks, bhop and kz hacks, etc... Of course, we cant detect all hacks with this, and there will certainly be hackers that aren't detected by this, but it takes out almost 90% of the hackers upon joining the server. This system is not meant to be a replacement for admins, rather, it's there to help the admins in their job. This makes our admin's job a bit easier and it should improve the overall game play and game quality for everyone as it helps keep the servers enjoyable and hacker-free.

More updates will be posted soon...

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  Server Upgrades
Posted by: Spark - 07-25-2016, 04:19 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (25)

Hey Everyone,

We have started implementing some important upgrades to our servers. We are switching over from HLDS to ReHLDS. This upgrade will make the servers run 2x times faster, should increase server performance, stability and reduces overall CPU usage and server crashes. This also fixes many of the bugs and exploits in the original HLDS. ZP1 is the first server to receive this upgrade and the rest will follow.

We also had to switch from using DPROTO to Reunion to allow our nonsteam players to join. This will cause problems with some of the nonsteam players, their steamIDs will be changed and with that they will be seen as new players by the server. There's no need for panic, all of the previous data is saved and we will begin to move everyone's points and ranks to their new steamIDs. You can request for your points to be restored here. Steam players are not affected by this change and they have nothing to worry about.

Stay tuned for more informations..

Update 12th August 2016:
All servers are now succesfully switched over to ReHLDS.

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  Zombies On Drugs
Posted by: Ronaldo - 07-02-2016, 07:45 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (19)

Dear Zombies!

It's been very long time since i posted here and i see there are many things have to be cleared about what is happening and what is gonna happen.

Someone between us has stepped up and worked very much to maintain the servers by fixing the bugs and improving the game-play. He has surprised me and did what i didn't expected and still supporting this community which has been going since August 2010. After a long time of waiting, it's the right moment to promote him and let everyone know that Spark will be the new Co-Owner of this community Zombies On Drugs!

The staff applications which has been a discussion for a year now will be evaluated depending on every server population and the current inactive staff members.

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