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  New Additions
Posted by: Spark - 04-13-2016, 05:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (14)

Dear Members,

After a long period our community has once again started development. We are once again actively working on our servers and we'll be making improvements and changes, there will also be new stuff added.

So, without further ado, here are the updates:

New gamemodes:

Snipers vs Nemesis Mode - In this mode half of the players are turned into Snipers and the other half into Nemesis. The Snipers and Nemes both do instant kills with their attacks, so the team who survives in the end is the winner.

Dione Mode - The Dione is a boss class with 3 types of attacks. Two of those attacks are bound to the key G, one of them shoots acid and the second launches the dione like a cannonball, killing everyone it hits. The third skill is bound to the Right Mouse Click, it's called the Dione Swing and it's a powerful attack that kills all the humans around the Dione.
The Dione Acid and Dione Rolling skills are long-range attacks and the Dione Swing is a close-range attack.

Winos Mode - The Winos is also a boss class with 3 types of attacks, all of them bound to the key G. The first attack makes a purple shockwave around the Winos which kills all the humans that are close enough. The second attack is called the Winos Fluxing, it creates a white vortex which pulls in the humans that are close enough, making it easier to kill. The third attack is called the Winos Mutate, it is a green shockwave which infects and mutates the nearby humans into zombies. These zombies need to help the Winos defeat the rest of the humans. All 3 of the Winos's skills are close-range attacks, meaning the Winos must get close enough to the humans before activating a special attack.

The Hunting - In this mode, one player is selected to be the "Hunter". The map is filled with toxins in the air which poison the humans and they lose health. The Hunter's objective is to hide from the humans and survive for 3 minutes. During this period the Hunter's attacks are blocked and he cannot attack humans, he needs to hide. After 3 minutes in the round, the Hunter will be able to attack, hunt down and kill the humans. The humans are blinded when the round starts to give the hunter enough time to hide. Once the round starts, the humans must work together to find and kill the Hunter before they will die from the toxic air or before the Hunter starts hunting the down. The Hunter is slightly invisible, but can be easily spotted in the fog from far away. He has 600 health but he can regenerate his health while he is hiding. The Hunter also has a special skill bound to the key G, which freezes the humans around him, giving him a chance to escape. The round ends when the Hunter is killed, or when the Hunter defeats the humans.

Predators Mode - In this mode, three players are selected to be the "Predators". The predators are classes with 2 special skills bound to the key G. The first skill throws ice and freezes the humans for 5 seconds. The second skill creates a glowing energy ball which blinds the humans for 5 seconds. The humans in this mode are given 3 lives, they can either run away or try to defeat the predators. The predators need to work together to kill all of the humans until all their lives are gone.

New zombie class:

The Frozen Zombie - This is a new zombie with special characteristics. The frozen zombie is immune to frost grenades and cannot be frozen. But it burns longer and receives more damage from fire grenades. The Frozen Zombie can throw ice and freeze the humans that are close to him for a short ammount of time. This skill is bound on the Right Mouse Click and can only be used every 10 seconds.

New Weapons:

Viloin - a gun with a violin model.
Guitar - a gun with a guitar model.
Frost M4A1 - a powerful M4A1 which has a 1/15 chance to freeze the zombie for a short ammount of time.
Fire M4A1 - a powerful M4A1 which has a 1/15 chance to burn the zombie.
Remote Controlled Bomb - This is a special surprise Wink
Thunder Awp - a sniper which strikes the zombie with lightning.
Lego Gun - a weapon with 2 types of attacks, which can be changed with the right mouse click.
Ethereal - The ethreal is back, but this time it has 2 types of attacks, Laser and Electric. You can switch between the attack modes with the right mouse click. It also comes in 2 colors Wink

New Maps:

zm_antarctica_v2 - replacement of the old one
zm_oblitus - An awesome map by xCudi, worth adding to the mapcycle
zm_stellar_facility - An awesome map by Swingfly, definitely worth trying
zm_sector_d6 - An awesome map by Swingfly, greatly designed with tons of cool spots and ambience

Dont think we've forgotten about the other servers, there are things in development for them too.

Enjoy the new additions and if you spot any problems or bugs, please report them to the forums and we will do our best to solve them.

More updates will be posted soon, so stay tuned and keep getting high

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  The new authorities!
Posted by: ZoD*|Hitman - 08-27-2014, 05:05 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (56)

Dear members,

After one of the closest votes we have had, the results are finally in and we can announce the new members of the management team.

I would first like to mention that we will be going back to the old system of manager positions, which will be 2 Staff managers, 2 Ban managers, and 2 Community managers.

First of all the winners:

For Ban Manager: Spark
For Staff Manager:Forid-786

For now these will be the only one appointed manager.

Panda and Abdul will be our Community managers to teach and supervise overall manager duties. I am sure you all agree that they are perfect for the position.

So with thanks to Abdul for the list of duties I would like to show what everyones positions will involve.

Ban Managers:
- Handling Reported cheaters and unban requests.
- Monitoring Advanced bans(when fixed), only weekly basis.
- Inquiry about wrong ban reasons from staff/admins via PMs.
- Failing to response within two days, the "wrong ban reasons" shall be reverted and the banned player will be unbanned.
- Issuing a warning to such staff/admin via PM.
- Failing to get a response within one week of issued warning, a warning will be added to the admin/staff account which can be further result in suspension of powers. They can be erased if a legit reason given later.
- A ban manager can't reverse the decision of his fellow ban manager. He need to contact a CM for that.

Staff Managers:
- Handling Admin abuse reports.
- Monitoring logs once a week, minimum. Report to a CM via PM every week about the logs(effective system to keep track of admins going for staff, later and which admin is suspicious of abusing, helpful in future reports of abuse)
- Inquiry about admin abuse reports to the related admin/staff via PM. First, the admin/staff should be given two days of the initial day of being heard.
- Failing to report in the required time and a warning will be issued to such admin/staff via PM followed by the updated "Warning" thread.
- If the warned staff/admin gave a legit reason after the expiry of their term, why he hadn't responded and what does he have to say about the report, if his side is clean, warning will be erased.
- A Staff manager can't reverse the decision of his fellow Staff manager. He needs to contact a CM.

Community Managers:
- Monitor the whole community including staff managers and ban managers.
- Handle reports in admin abuse, report cheaters and unban request section if the assigned managers couldn't handle them in under 3 days.

I hope that these lists are clear, we will need to sort out all your FTP access and forum moderators access and then you're good to go.

Once Ronaldo has color coded all of you and the specified groups you will be good to go and try out your new powers.

This was a very close vote which had to come down to one vote to decide.

Congratulations to the winners and to the runners up, thank you for particapating.

We all now how loyal and dedicated these new managers are and like most of the candidates they deserve this position.

We will be in touch regarding all the information,

Have fun


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  And the winners are...
Posted by: ZoD*|Hitman - 04-03-2014, 06:14 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (81)

Dear members,

It has been quite a wait but we are finally ready to announce the results of the Staff applications.

I'm sure you're all really eager to find out who the (un)lucky ones are, but before that I would like to thank all the applicants who took time to apply.

So the winners are:

For ZP1:

For ZP2:


For Assault:


For Funmaps:


For Night Crawlers:


For Deathrun:


For Surf:


Thanks again to everyone who took part and there will always be more oppurtunities to become a Staff member here in ZoD.

To those who got staff, Welcome, You are now a trusted member of ZoD's staff team and your powers will be activated within 24 hours. Please remember to obide by the rules, you all know the rules and most of you have been here ages so there's no excuse for abuse, action will be taken.

We got 5 highly trained Managers to deal with those caught "slipping" Smile, but I'm sure you will all be great additions to this already great team and continue helping to make ZoD better.

Anyhow I hope you all enjoy your new powers and keep the servers a great place to game.

Well that's all for now but there will be a few more things to announce in the near future Wink.

Your's supremely


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  New staff and other news :)
Posted by: ZoD*|Hitman - 05-21-2013, 05:32 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (103)

Dear all,

It's been a nerve racking wait but the results have come in and it's time to paint some people blue Big Grin.

These are the results of this seasons staff apps:

Zombie plague 1

So shut up boi

Zombie Plague 2



Ol' Dirty Bastard



Steve Headshot Masta[!]^

UniC AK-47











Congratulations to the winners you all deserved the position. To the others who missed, the results were extremelly close on quite a few occasions so keep at it and make sure you apply again next time, sorry that you weren't succesfull this time round.

Anyway I'm sure those of you listed above are pretty eager to get out there and do some justice, but first I would like to stress how important it is to keep to the rules and stay active (around 12- 14 hours a week). Please let us know if you will be abscent for a long period of time (more than 2 weeks). Well you're all familiar with the rules which is why you have been chosen, so please stick by them and help us make ZoD a better place Tongue.

Well as you know we have had to make way for some of these positions, meaning having to strip inactive staff, these players will no longer be staff for ZoD:
Ace #team.RAGE*

The following people have decided to step down from their positions:

To all those in both lists thanks for your hard work and dedication, good luck in the future and I hope you will stick around Smile.

I know that this is alot to take in Tongue, but there's one last thing that we need to share. Since the workload on the servers isn't getting smaller we have decided to take ALXander on to help us with it. He will be coming back as Co-owner and working along side me ( Big Grin). We will both be working hard to keep the servers enjoyable.

With all these new changes things should move in the good direction. We will be working hard to bring server updates, the removal and addition of maps, and the fixing of bugs.

I'm sure the future of ZoD will be bright and I'm glad that all of you are still here to enjoy it.

Congratulations to the winners, and good luck with your new powers. Our trusted team of managers are there to help you or let you know if you're not doing something correctly. If you need any help feel free to ask Smile.

That is all for now,

Have fun guys Smile

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  New Staff members
Posted by: ZoD*|Hitman - 12-10-2012, 08:50 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (80)

Hey everyone,

Well I think we've had you in suspence for long enough now, it's time to announce the winners of the staff votes.

First of all we would like to thank everyone who applied for the position, as you all know it's always a close call seeing as so many people apply to each opening. Never the less the votes speak for themselves and without further ado I will reveal the winners.

Zombie plague 1


he will be joining


Zombie Plague 2


He will be joining




They will be joining

Ol' Dirty Bastard



He will be joining

Ace #team.RAGE*



He will be joining




They will be joining





No new ones here
Steve Headshot Masta [!]^

Congratulations to the winners, and again don't worry if you weren't chosen. ZoD is growing and there will always be a need for more staff in the future.

To all our new staff please make sure you fulfill your duties for example, responding to shoutbox calls for hackers, being active on average 14 hours a week on your assigned server and keeping order in the servers specating hackers and punishing rule breakers. If you're caught abusing you will be given a warning there are only so many warnings you can get before you get your staff revoked, but I'm pretty certain that you guys will do great.

So please keep to your assigned server and keep ZoD a great place to play Smile.

Thats all for now,

Have fun Smile

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