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  New Ban managers and other changes
Posted by: ZoD*|Hitman - 11-28-2012, 06:07 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (57)

Hey everyone.

So the results for the new ban managers are in. It was an extremely close call but there could only be 3 winners.

Here are the winners of the Ban manager positions:




You guys have been chosen by the majority to fulfill the duties of the Ban manager position.

If any of you have any questions please come to me, I will be showing you how to work FTP and then you're good to go.

A few staff members will be stripped because they are barely active, these members are :




There are some other staff members who arent very active in servers but are in forums, please be active on both servers and forums. Alot of you aren't at the moment but I know you're busy. If you're not planning on being active on cs please let us know.

Well the reason they have been stripped is to make way for new ones, the staff applications are now open, everyone is free to apply but not all servers will have staff members needed. So we will pick people based on which servers we need staff on. Just apply as usual.

Well thats it for now, good luck to the three stooges who are replacing me and Joker Tongue . I'm sure you will all do great.


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  Happy Birthday ZoD!
Posted by: Ronaldo - 08-23-2012, 04:54 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (58)

Dear Memebers Smile

Are we ready to continue getting high ?! We will always get high and stay at the top while improving our servers and forums for this huge community Zombies on Drugs.

Already two years and one week have passed and the future here is still bright, the time came and the hard work we were doing will be shown, we are ready to celebrate the second anniversary of this community.

A lot of surprises in terms of game modes and extra items for both teams and few modifications. Join and explore!

Game Modes

- Dione Mode: This class has 3 kinds of attacks. Two with the key G and one with your right click mouse. When the dione mode starts, the server choose a random player and the dione has to face all the other humans alone, it's a bit similar to a nemesis mode but with more things added!

- Winos Mode: This class has 2 kinds of attacks and both with the key G. Also one player will be turned into winos and will have to face all the other humans alone.

- Nemesis Mode: The nemesis knife and hands models were changed and more powers were added to this class. The nemesis can now throw bombs on the enemies and damage them with the key G.

- Heroes Mode: This one is heroes vs nemesis. The heroes receive a new weapon with bombs launcher.

- Protect the VIP Mode: This one make one human as VIP and one zombie as nemesis and all the others will be zombies and humans. The object of this mode requires from the humans to protect the VIP because if the VIP dies, all the humans will die.

- Hunting Mode: This is the last game mode and the server here choose one random player to make him hunter. When this mode starts, the gas will be diffused everywhere in the air and the humans will be poisoned and all what they have to do is to find the hunter who is half invisible and to kill him. The hunter will have to hide from them and when they come close to him, he can attack them with the key G and freeze them and then run to another spot and hide again. If the round ends and the humans fail to kill him, all of them will die and the hunter will be the winner.

Extra Items for zombies

- Blind nade: This nade blind the enemies for 10 seconds.
- Boost grenade: This grenade boost the zombie to where he want to be.
- Buy +2000 HP: The zombie can buy it and add 2000 HP to his health.
- Frost resistance: This item allow the zombie to don't get freeze when the human throw frost nade on him.
- Might night: This one allow the zombie to make the map very dark for one entire round.

Extra Items for humans

- balrog: It's a machine gun designed.
- ethreal: It's a laser gun.
- pipe bomb: This bomb attracts the zombie and explode on him.
- Deadly shots: This one will drive the human bullets for 15 seconds to hit the zombie head.
- Violin: This is a gun with a violin model.

The zombie plague effects infect script were modified, when the human get infected his screen will tremble while showing for him a red light for a few seconds.
We have also added a counter with a bot voice to count before that the first zombie being infected. We will also modify the rules and add this new rule.
If an admin or a staff want to make a special round, he has to wait and press the button when the counter arrive by counting to the number 1 and not before that.

We aren't done yet! and we are continuing with our improvements and now with a new Surf server!
This server will have a shop menu, bank system and items for admin. The terrorists players models were changed to a zombie skin and the counter players will have a different player model.

How to earn points ? To earn points, we have to kill the enemies. The admin receive 1 point per kill and also get free bunny hop. As for the regular players, they receive 1 point every 2 kills.

The staff [R]odriguez* gave us a ventrilo as gift and this ventrilo will be officially added to ZoD. Thanks to [R]odriguez*!

Finally, we have decided to make one group for the managers and name it Community Manager. All of our current managers will move to this group and each one will continue doing what he is currently doing.
A small title under the big title community manager will specify for each manager his duty. azn will move to this group and will have his duty as staff manager.
We will have a total of 6 managers in that group, 3 for handling the bans and 3 for handling the logs.

Join our Surf Maps server at and have fun Smile

If anything isn't working properly or anything is causing problems, please report it on the forums.

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  The winners for staff
Posted by: Ronaldo - 08-09-2012, 12:00 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (64)

Greetings members Smile

We are one week ahead of the 16 of august 2012 and this day this community zombies on drugs will reach two years. We are going to celebrate that in the upcoming weeks but for now we will continue our walk with the announcement of the new staff. The old inactive staff were stripped and we will always strip the inactive staff so please notify us if you are going to be away and recently we have noticed that certain staff don't play on the server that they specified to be on the most and this is unacceptable.
Every staff has to play the most on the server where his name will be mentioned below and congratulation to the winners!

Zombie Plague [1]
so shut up BOI

Zombie Plague [2]

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Fun Maps
Ace #team.RAGE*

Night Crawlers

ZoD*| Foltres

Classic Maps
Steve Headshot Masta

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  New server
Posted by: Ronaldo - 06-04-2012, 07:38 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (71)

Hi everybody !

We were thinking for a new server and the time has come. After many requests and a lot of testing we came to a conclusion for a classic server.

Join our Classic server at and have fun Smile

The staff applications will open soon for the new server and maybe for the other servers so keep an eye out for that.

Some features included in this server:
- Double Jump
- Stealth Mode (Enabled only while holding the knife. Effects: Enhanced speed and no footsteps)
- Napalm Nade (Sets victim(s) on fire, which constantly decreases HP)
- Frost Nade (Freezes victim but does not restrict the ability to shoot)
- Heal (Type /heal to use. Has a long casting rate, so pick a safe spot to do so)
- Parachute

Have fun & enjoy Smile

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  New members in the management
Posted by: Ronaldo - 03-30-2012, 06:22 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (39)

Greetings members,

As you all have noticed some of our past members have decided to go their own ways. We thank them for their time, hard work for the community Zombies On Drugs and we now will focus on the people interested in further building our strong community.

We are working on exciting new things, to help with all that, we welcome our new co-owner ALX, he is very capable and actions will show that. Also we welcome our new staff members:


They are very active and good members of the community so their responsibility will be applied in the assault server.

JOKER decided to come back so welcome back to him as a Ban manager, he will work again with ZoD*|Hitman
A private vote has started in the staff section for the position Staff manager. Congratulation to the winner
Abdul, he will join the team of dank.

Also notice a new rule has been added, all must observe it and are responsible to follow it.

Admins and Staff: No one is allowed to ban non-hackers for more than 2 days. If a non-hacker evades his ban, keep banning him for 2 days until he serves his time in full. Special cases must be discussed in the forums and decided on if a longer ban is neccesary.

The Staff applications forum will shortly be opened for submissions so stay tuned.

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