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  The First New Staff of 2012
Posted by: ~Infernus~ - 03-09-2012, 10:41 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (58)

Hey everyone. Finally your wait to know who will be the newest staff is over. Smile

First of all thanks to everyone for your applications, we had a total of 39 candidates, unfortunately as you all know not everyone can be chosen. Not always because they wouldn't be good staffs but because, well... not everyone can be picked.

After putting everyone's names on little pieces of paper we threw them into a hat and randomly picked 11 of them for the new staff...

Joking, we obviously flipped a coin on who would get staff or not. Big Grin

Anyway, without further ado, the new ZoD staff are:


Those are the names of the 11 (un)lucky souls who will have the hard task of serving me for all eternity.

Just kidding, their real task is far harder than that. Smile

So, with the new staff additions and to be more clear this will be the "crew" responsible for each specific server:

Zombie Plague 1 & 2
so shut up BOI


Fun Maps



Those are the servers where the respective staff members should be more active at. Obviously the staff is free to play and monitor all servers if needed but they are expected to be active the most on their designated servers. And with this I must also mention something very important: activeness. We understand you all have a life and other obligations and that unexpected events happen but on the other hand we also need to have staff that is active and so we would like to see every staff member having a medium of 14 weekly hours on their specific servers and if they will be absent for two weeks or more that they let us know upfront. Hopefully this doesn't sound like too much to ask to anyone as it's really all to ensure the better working of the staff system.

Congratulations to everyone who was made staff today and as for everyone else don't feel down, I still love you from the bottom of my heart and that's way more valuable. Smile

Hmm... wait, I think I'm forgetting something... or wait, someone!

Haha, thought I forgot, huh? Tongue

Since as most of you must know by now roy, one of our Ban Managers and prodigal lap dancer had to leave us to go on a spiritual journey with crocodiles, piranhas and dangerous snakes from which he may never comeback alive we were left with just one Ban Manager, JOKER. Since we all know JOKER is not able to take the pressure of the job without strong medical help we found ourselves needing a new Ban Manager.

I will not make any more suspense, our new Ban Manager is ZoD*|Hitman

Congratulations to him and good luck on his new marriage with JOKER, may they be happy forever and ever.

Good luck everyone, now go make me proud of the colors I'm about to paint all over your names. Smile

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  New Year, New Zombie Server
Posted by: ~Infernus~ - 01-03-2012, 09:15 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (47)

Happy New Year everyone!

And with a new year comes a new server too. Smile

Today ZoD*| opens its second Zombie Plague server. I know a lot of you may be thinking "aww, but I wanted a different mod as the new server Sad " but don't be sad, ZoD isn't going to stop at just 6 servers. Big Grin

But most important of all is that this new server is not just "more of the same". Firstly this new server will be, at least for now, Steam only meaning only players who use legit Steam Counter-Strike may join the server giving a much better chance to all Steam players to join and play at ZoD's Zombie Plague. On all of you Steamers it will depend if the server will stay Steam only or not, if you do want this opportunity to have a ZP for Steam only then show it, play on it, be active and helps us keep it this way, I'm counting on you all. Wink

For all the NonSteamers don't be sad either, ZP 1 will still continue to be NonSteam or if you want you could always knock off the NonSteam version and buy legit Counter-Strike from Steam. For every NonSteamer in the world that converts to Steam a new cute puppy is saved from a horrible death at my hands... think about it. Smile

But if you thought this was all the news there was you were wrong, there's more, a lot more actually. With the opening of ZoD Zombie Plague 2 we are also upgrading our ZP mod from 4.3 to 5.0 while still keeping all of our costume features and a lot of changes and fixes.

The main changes being:

- The higher your point count is now the more damage it will take to gain 1 point
- Climber Zombie no longer gets permanently stuck on walls when damaged
- Burned Zombie can no longer spam flames
- Some classes were removed while others were slightly updated
- Some items have now updated prices
- Sandbags are now limited to 1 placement per round but they are 5 times more resistant
- Survivors now have their own player/weapon model
- Sniper Round has its own starting sound now
- Admin ZP commands were improved

The changes go from things such as fixed zombie classes to new item prices and most important a new system of point gaining that will basically make it much more challenging and fun to raise your points every day while still being able to keep the same points from one server to the other (both servers share the same point bank/system so if you have 1000 points on server 1 you will have the same 1000 on server 2).

But since the list of changes and fixes would be quite long and tedious to have in this announcement (and the updates will keep happening for the next few weeks) you can head over to the new Zombie Plague 2 forum section here to check the full changelog for ZP.

That's all for now, if you excuse me I want to go join the new server so see you there!

The IP for ZoD*| Zombie Plague 2 is:

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  Staff & Ban Managers
Posted by: Ronaldo - 12-03-2011, 12:47 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (45)

I am sorry for this long period without updating you people with the latest news about this community.
We will move soon to progress our servers by fixing the bugs, modifying and adding new plugins and possibly a new server will be made and added.
New rules will be written and some of them will be edited especially this one: "All Admins are obligated to record a demo and post it on the forum concerning the players who they think they bunny hop script".
All Admins and staff are only allowed to ban people who hold down their "jump key" using an auto jump without pressing the jump button with the obligation of a demo. They need also to show any demo if one of the management ask them even without the existence of an unban request from the person involved in this ban.

The management of zombies on drugs still need new people to help us managing the bans, watching the logs and watching every staff member etc .....
We took all the staff who applied in our private forum parts and we have decided to chose them following a private vote. I wish all of them are active daily and are going to make their duties correctly. I am sorry for the others who aren't picked for these positions and hopefully later they will have more chances.

Also we are going next week to take reports about the staff who are inactive and probably some of them will lose their status.

Congratulation to the new Staff Managers: dank And xCudi.

Congratulation to the new Ban Managers: JOKER And roy.

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  Tournament Cancelled but a Consolation Event
Posted by: winds - 10-30-2011, 09:27 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (41)

Hello everyone,
Sorry about the delay of the news on our first tournament. We were trying to wait and see if we had more people register. Sadly, we can't wait any more and we didn't get enough people to register. Due to the lack of registrars, we decided to cancel the tournament and possibly try it again sometime in the future. We are very sorry to anyone who registered and we're looking forward to this, it's quite a disappointment for us as well. Everyone who registered and paid will of course be refunded in full. Thank you to those who tried, we appreciate it.

As a consolation event, we are going to hold an "in server" pumpkin hunt for Halloween. Inside one of our servers, and inside one of the maps, is a hidden pumpkin that if found and touched by a player, they will receive free admin for 1 month in the server of their choice. Of course we have some rules and they are as follows:

- The winner must have been registered on our forums for at least 1 month.
- The winner must not have been banned in any of our servers.
- Only the first person to find and touch it gets admin.

The pumpkin looks like this:
[Image: 1z4gvb9.jpg][Image: e82wlf.jpg]

Be on the lookout, it may not be so easy to find Tongue. If you happen to find it, please report it on the forums right away with details such as your in-game name, steam ID and/or IP, as well as which server you found it in, and in which map.
Happy Halloween everyone, and we hope you get lots of candy! Big Grin

Congratulations to Raduku who found the pumpkin here!!!

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  ZoD Halloween CS 1.6 Tournament
Posted by: winds - 10-14-2011, 07:16 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (70)

Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of halloween, we are announcing our very first ZoD CS1.6 Tournament!
Players will be able to sign up and register for the tournament and will be assigned to a random team of 5 players. Each team will compete in the tournament and the winners will advance to the next round.

Rules of the tournament:
- All server settings will be compliant with official match settings
- Each round will have games consisting of 2 teams (5 players each) going head to head in a game of cs1.6 on cs_assault. Each game will consist of 15 rounds on T and 15 rounds on CT. The team with the most rounds won in the match will advance to the next round in the tournament to battle the next winning team.
- All players will be forced to install SXE Injected to ensure no hacking from anyone
- Each game will have referries by either Ronaldo, Winds, Infernus, Umbrella, or Slam to make sure no rules are broken and the game is played fairly
- HLTV will be installed and recording demos

- A percentage of 20% of the total pot will go to ZoD for hosting the tournament. The leftover 80% will be awarded to the top winning team of the tournament. The player with the highest kill:death ratio on the winning team will win a higher percentage of the pot compared to the person with the lowerst kill:death ratio. The money will be dependant on how many people we get, but as an example if we get 100 players, $200 total, $60 will go to the top player of the winning team, $40 for the 2nd highest, $30 for the third highest, $20 for the 4th highest, and $10 for the 5th, with the remaining $40 going to ZoD.

- To enter the tournament, each player must be able to pay $2 with either Paypal or Credit Card. Regarding payment, contact Ronaldo.
- If you have been caught hacking or scripting on any of our servers before, you are immediately disqualified from joining the tournament.
- All players must accept downloading and installing SXE Injected on their computers when the tournament begins.
- Sorry but no registrations will be put on hold, this is a complete first come, first serve basis. The first ones to pay are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.

At the end of the month or when we receive 100 players, we will shut down registry and start the tournament.

Remember this tournament will be played using official match settings. Also remember to contact Ronaldo if you're interested in entering the tournament.
Expect regular updates about the tournament in the days to come! We hope to see you guys there and have fun!

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