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  ZoD Halloween CS 1.6 Tournament
Posted by: winds - 10-14-2011, 07:16 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (70)

Hello Everyone!

In the spirit of halloween, we are announcing our very first ZoD CS1.6 Tournament!
Players will be able to sign up and register for the tournament and will be assigned to a random team of 5 players. Each team will compete in the tournament and the winners will advance to the next round.

Rules of the tournament:
- All server settings will be compliant with official match settings
- Each round will have games consisting of 2 teams (5 players each) going head to head in a game of cs1.6 on cs_assault. Each game will consist of 15 rounds on T and 15 rounds on CT. The team with the most rounds won in the match will advance to the next round in the tournament to battle the next winning team.
- All players will be forced to install SXE Injected to ensure no hacking from anyone
- Each game will have referries by either Ronaldo, Winds, Infernus, Umbrella, or Slam to make sure no rules are broken and the game is played fairly
- HLTV will be installed and recording demos

- A percentage of 20% of the total pot will go to ZoD for hosting the tournament. The leftover 80% will be awarded to the top winning team of the tournament. The player with the highest kill:death ratio on the winning team will win a higher percentage of the pot compared to the person with the lowerst kill:death ratio. The money will be dependant on how many people we get, but as an example if we get 100 players, $200 total, $60 will go to the top player of the winning team, $40 for the 2nd highest, $30 for the third highest, $20 for the 4th highest, and $10 for the 5th, with the remaining $40 going to ZoD.

- To enter the tournament, each player must be able to pay $2 with either Paypal or Credit Card. Regarding payment, contact Ronaldo.
- If you have been caught hacking or scripting on any of our servers before, you are immediately disqualified from joining the tournament.
- All players must accept downloading and installing SXE Injected on their computers when the tournament begins.
- Sorry but no registrations will be put on hold, this is a complete first come, first serve basis. The first ones to pay are guaranteed a spot in the tournament.

At the end of the month or when we receive 100 players, we will shut down registry and start the tournament.

Remember this tournament will be played using official match settings. Also remember to contact Ronaldo if you're interested in entering the tournament.
Expect regular updates about the tournament in the days to come! We hope to see you guys there and have fun!

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  New Staff !
Posted by: Ronaldo - 09-07-2011, 08:40 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (68)

The private vote between 30 members who applied for staff is ended. The result is taken and the people with the highest votes will becomes staff. They will be grouped with the old staff to their specific server where they must play most of the time.

Congratulation to the Winners Smile

Zombie Plague: xCudi, so shut up BOI, roy and the old staff xtraview

Assault: e1m, JOKER and the old staff Irish, MajorRufus, Diesel

Fun Maps: dank, poptart and the old staff *+Jigs+*, Firedragn, Tetelestai

Night Crawlers: Hitman, insane and the old staff Gerbzilla

Deathrun: applejuice and crazY

All the staff will have admin in all the ZoD*| servers but they will be responsible to play and enforce the rules in the specific server which they applied for.

New rules will be added for all the staff and admins. i will also add a second copy to make it clear in the admin discussion part. all the rules should be respected and followed.

1) Admins/staff are obligated to record a demo before banning someone permanently.

2) Ban a player permanent if he use hacks like: ( wall hack, aimbot, speed hack ), Watch them two rounds before to ban and make sure they hacks one hundred percent.

3) The peoples who ( glitch, spam, advertise, disrespect, block, racism, destroy the other players laser mines/sand bags ) or break any other rule, punish them following this order: warning, slay, kick then finally ban them for a maximum of 48 hours (2 days).

4) Admins/staff are obligated to proof a ban for evasion that it's the same person.

5) The players who you think they bunny hop script don't ban them, just record a demo and post it in the forum.
6) Watch the forum at least half hour per day.

7) Read all the rules and follow them correctly:

We have also decided to give two of our current staff the managements that can be proper for them.

biggs will be a Staff Manager and GrimSky will be a Server Manager

As for the Ban Manager, we won't be able to chose them right now so we will handle it until we arrive to chose them later.

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  ZoD's 1 year and 3 day birthday!
Posted by: winds - 08-19-2011, 04:52 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (31)

Hello Everyone!

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to Zombies on Drugs! She is growing up so fast Sad

Before we get to the celebration I would like to make an announcement about a loss of one of our great staff, happynawesome. Due to some personal issues he has resigned from our staff. For more information about it, read here. We would like to absolutely thank him for all the hard work he did for ZoD, and the great attitude he brought to the community. I hope everything works out for him and his family, and his staff position will always be here for him if he decides to return. This ones for you brother:

Spice Girls - Goodbye

As for the birthday celebration Smile
We would have liked to have made this announcement actually on ZoD's birthday (which was on tuesday) but we unfortunately ran into some problems which are hopefully sorted out now. We would like to thank each and everyone one of you for playing on our servers and joining us on our forums, and most of all making ZoD a great and unique community (that includes you Leo Tongue). With that being said, what good is a birthday without some presents? This ones for you ZoD! Enjoy!

First off, we want to add more positions and revamp our current lineup in zods organization. We have been seeing a lack of small updates and think a new organization is needed to maximimize ZoD's efficiency. This isn't a demotion for anyone, everyone so far has done an excellent job. The idea is to have each person with one sole job to focus on in the community, meaning no one will be overworked, and no one will be underworked. Hopefully this will further advance the speed and accuracy of ZoD's progress that we know it can achieve. Here are the current planned organization with a simple job detail.

Co-Owner - Help the owners out with decision making (Reserved for Infernus)
Community Managers (2) - Oversee the community and take weekly reports from all managers (Reserved for Slam and Umbrella)
Staff Manager - Make sure staff and admins are enforcing the rules correctly, answer any questions or suggestions they might have.
Ban Managers (3) Make sure all bans and unbans are quickly and accurately dealt with
Server Manager - Make sure all servers are running fine with no issues
Server Specific Staff (3 per server) - Enforce all rules and make sure people have fun in the servers. Train new admins for a 3 day period.

All Managers are expected to make weekly reports (nothing major, bullet form and to the point) about everything they encountered and send them to the community managers. Also, instead of having global staff where the staff are expected to enforce our rules in all servers, we are opting for server specific staff. What this means is that there will be 3 staff for each server, and their main goal is to focus on enforcing the rules in that server. Every staff will of course have staff priviledges in all of zods servers, but the main focus is the server they are assigned to.

How do you obtain a position in staff you ask? Our current staff line up will get first dibs on these positions. We encourage all staff to think about which job they want most (if any) and let us know why they want it and why they would be good for this position by posting it in the staff section or PMing Ronaldo. Please don't apply if you don't think you'll have sufficient amount of time to work on the job, as that will totally negate what we are trying to do here. As for the server specific staff positions, our staff applications are now open for all to apply here. We will give a week or 2 for everyone to apply, then we'll make the announcements.

Onto the 2nd present, thank you to Biggs who is providing ZoD with it's very own Ventrilo voice server. If you don't know what ventrilo is, it's an application that allows people from the community to join and use their mics to chat. It is a 30 slot server, and all our staff and managers will have admin access in there as well. If you don't have ventrilo, we encourage you to download it here: and join our server!
Here is the info:
Port: 9470
If you need any help getting started, don't hesitate to ask! Also be sure to give thanks to Biggs for setting that one up. Very kind! Also a note from Biggs, to the staff, you need to connect to the ventrilo server so he can add your admin status. Please do so!

The third gift comes as a map package update for Fun Maps. We know a lot of people have been wanting a map update on it, so here it is! 10 new maps have been added and one replacement. Here is the list:
Replaced de_wallmart with de_wallmart_final

For ZoD's 4th and final birthday gift, we would like to announce our long awaited 5th server!!! its not Base builder haha. It is a 32 slot deathrun server! We hope you guys enjoy this as much as we do, and come by to fall into one of our traps Smile It will be live in about 10 minutes after this announcement is posted.
With any new server, we hope you give us your impressions and suggestions on any improvements we can make on it (not all suggestions will be used, sorry). Here is the server information:

ZoD*| Deathrun

Be sure to watch our rules and gameplay info to find out how to play! We hope to see you there Smile

Well that is it for the birthday presents. We hope it was worth the wait! As a reminder, we hope any current staff interested in the new positions can post about it in the staff section with which position they want and why they want it, if you don't want a manager position and want to just continue with your staff position, please let us know which server you want to be staff in. If you don't feel comfortable posting in the staff section, please send Ronaldo a PM with the information. Soon after we will open the staff apps to fill the rest of the positions.

Happy Birthday ZoD, it has been an amazing ride with ups and downs in your first year. We'll see you on your second birthday!

Lastly, a quick little update for those of you patiently waiting for the Base Builder server. Sadly, there isn't any news. It is still in the hands of our coder who isn't giving us an end date on when it will be finished, so all we can say is this: It will be finished when it's finished.

Ciao guys and thanks for sticking it with us through our first year!

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Posted by: winds - 06-08-2011, 12:59 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (30)

Hey guys,
As some of you may have noticed the servers are down. Unfortunately while attempting to upgrade our servers, our hard drive decided to crash Sad. We lost all our server data, but the good news is we of course have backups. As we speak the servers are being re-added to the box and they should be back up tonight or tomorrow by day. The only thing that should be lost is player ranks, sorry about that guys. The bank, along with bans and anything else is all saved on a separate server, so they are fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please stay tuned for the servers to be back up.

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  Hello Guys!
Posted by: Ronaldo - 06-03-2011, 11:08 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (39)

Hello Guys!

I am glad to inform you about a new page to watch all our servers bans on the forum. This new way will be easier for us to determine the ban information for every person, the ban duration, the admin who banned and the reason of the ban. When you open the page, at the top you have to select the server where you want to check the bans.

When i add someone as admin or staff i always tell him/her to don't use the amxmodmenu for banning the hackers because it don't show the reason of the ban and neither the admin name and to just use this command:
amx_banip "In Game Name" "0" "reason" but a few peoples didn't listened and they still use the amxmodmenu until now. The problem is solved, we edited the plugin successfully so everybody is allowed to use it if they like the fastest way to ban a rules breaker in the server, it will ban just the hacker Internet IP address and it will show all his ban information in the forum page.

Lately we found a new way to ban peoples by their computer ID but we aren't sure if it will work, if yes, we will ban them manually if they change their Internet IP to come back to the server, with this way they will stay banned unless they buy a new computer.

Finally our coder did a lot of progress with the base builder server who will be hopefully up and running the next week.

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