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i am sad and dissapointed but i have to say this

(11-18-2013, 01:52 AM)Slamordain Wrote: Gain, Lol. I just lost so much respect for you, who do you think you are to talk to joker like that. Hes done soo much for this community that you don't even know about. Allot more then you have or will ever be able to.

much love brotheran.

Yeah, I was not the time he was superman and swingning all around zod doing alot for this community, But now I know what is going here alright? Everytime Joker logs in here, he slaps in and talks to this community like trash, really? Really not at all going to argue, but if he want to live here, tell your brotheran to respect this place, or I really do not care about such superheroes.
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The Rising S.T.A.R - [pro]GAIN

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Hello ZoD'ers,
Sorry for bad typing/writing or whatever.

ZoD is like the best Community on CounterStrike 1.6. [My Opinion]
But I can see that the servers are getting less players than a few months ago.
I just stopped for a few months, because my CounterStrike crashed.
PS: Maybe I Will Be Back Soon!

It is just the fault of the hackers because they cheat, people will get mad and quit.
I just don't care about Hackers. When I see one, I report him/her and everything gets fine. There are enough of servers to play one. Or maybe because other servers are getting more players. Just work together to get more players. Help each other to report cheaters. Then it will be like a few months ago where everybody loved each other.


This thread should be closed.

My mom told me, that if i have nothing nice to say, then dont say it at all.

Constructive criticsm is always good, but some of you do not understand the difference from postive constructive criticsm and negative constructive criticsm.

Yes problems happened. They are being fixed or already fixed. There is no need to point fingers at anyone when it comes to the way this community runs. I have been here for alot longer than most of you that post here. I have seen the ups and downs of the community.

As long as the servers are running, admins are paying/playing, staff are doing their jobs, and managers are running everything else; ZoD will be just fine.
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Im totally agree with ur sig.
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Zod's community sucks now.

the community is fine
but the problem in the servers
they are full of hackers
we lost the old times and old players
we need to focus on the servers not the community
every thing is good here but the problem in the servers
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lol so far zombies server 1 is running good and other server is dead

I completely agree with Dino. As long as owners are paying for the servers, Admins and Staff and Managers doing their jobs, servers will be fine.
This happens in most communities, where servers just goes suddenly empty. Trust me, it's just for a short period of time. They'll be back like before soon, and hopefully, even better.

Try to think a bit positive, and instead of starting wars, think about what soft kitty said and reply with your opinions without those fights 'n shit.

Giving my opinion here would be that giving active Co-Owners more privileges would help, such as adding maps, restarting servers, etc (been a long time since I have been here so I forgot the current Co-Owners privileges).
That's why they're called Co-Owners, to help the main Owner when he's not around.

Every single person here got his own life, same as Ronaldo. He can't be active 24/7 but he does check in every once in a while, and since there are Co-Owners, that is more than enough.

And spite of the fact, Ronaldo is paying a good amount of money into those server, why is he doing it? To keep you guys happy and growing this community even more. Thank him, instead of getting mad at him.

My final words would be, as I said, giving Co-Owners more privileges. That way everything should go fine and servers will be populated like before soon. Even if my suggestion doesn't get accepted, there are plenty of other solutions, such as:

-Adding more maps!
Players are always looking for new maps to play in. Especially servers like Deathrun and Surf.
-Replacing the Classic server!
There are tons of other game modes that can replace Classic, as people are getting bored of the classic CS gameplay. I have heard that Classic server is closed. If so, I would suggest adding a new game mode. I won't start mentioning examples because to be honest I'm sleepy at the moment and plus, it's been a while since I played CS. Smile
-Improving mods!
I wonder if there are any modders left here, if there are, mods can be actually improved. For example, start a thread, where all suggestions about the Zombie server should be discussed, some people here got amazing ideas that will definitely improve the server.
-More admins!
The more admins the better, hackers are ALWAYS one of the reasons communities die. This isn't very easy but I'm suggesting it anyways: Start more admin contests. That, itself, would bring in some players to join the contest. I have always suggested adding free admin applications 24/7 but I forgot why it got rejected, anyways I still think that would help as well.

Now what I would like to say, if I am wrong about anything, no need to start offending me and starting flame replies. In the end, I am just suggesting.

I'm sorry for posting such a long reply when I haven't opened ZoD forums since a couple months, but seeing this thread just pushed me to reply, as I would never want to see ZoD die. Even if it will never die, we can make it better! Think about it Smile
Have a good day everyone, and I would be very happy if people and owners would just read my suggestions, and maybe applying them. Smile
Long live, ZombiesOnDrugs!
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