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Request your points to be restored

Due to our server upgrades some nonsteam players have lost their points. This upgrade changed some players' steamIDs and now they were given new steamIDs. All data is saved as it was on your old steam ids, you can request to have your points moved to your new steam ids here.

If you've lost your points due to a steam id change, you can request to have them restored by filling this form:

Name: Your Nickname
Old SteamID: Your old Steam ID where your points were saved
New SteamID: Your new Steam ID (it is printed on the bottom left side of the screen, or you can get it by typing status in console)

After you post that form we will check our server logs to confirm that the information is correct(you owned that SteamID) and we will move your points from the old to your new SteamID.

Note: We will not be restoring any used/wasted points or give out any new points. We are simply moving the points from one Steam ID to another. Lying about points/steamid or abusing this form will lead to punishments, we have FULL server logs from the points and how they were used !!
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

Hey Spark, I actually had lost my points due to IP change long ago, but I was too lazy to PM Ronaldo to restore them, I will go ahead and post my 3 steamIDs (the oldest, the one before update, and the newest) and please if possible try to restore the oldest one (it had 3.5k points...)

Oldest SteamID (Lost because of IP change): STEAM_0:4:1237205120
SteamID before update: STEAM_0:0:1213883476
Newest SteamID: STEAM_2:0:1728067084

Name: ZoD*| zXCaptainXz
Thanks beforehand.
[Image: r0FkHGd.jpg]

Name: TheMusicSoul
Old Steam ID: 0:0:1015513971
New ID: 2:0:2064907129
[Image: tumblr_lq1wgpeImu1qlsz95o1_500.gif]

@zXCaptainXz - Everything checks out, logs confirm that. I have moved your 3629 points from STEAM_0:4:1237205120 to your new STEAM_2:0:1728067084. I have deleted the points on STEAM_0:0:1213883476. Approved.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

@TheMusicSoul - Confirmed and moved 2239 points from STEAM_0:0:1015513971 to your new STEAM_2:0:2064907129. Approved.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

Buenas Administradores: 3 Tengo un Problema muy grande USO mucho el traductor Porque No se Mucho ingles se me borraron mis 63k Que Logre acumular en su Servidor de Pero en el Servidor 2 Si Me Salen Pero en el Servidor 1 sen Suero Que Me podrian mal PONER 63k por favor

good managers: 3 I have a very big problem use much the translator because they do not know much English I wiped my 63k to achieve acomular on your server but the server 2 if I get but in the server 1 shall not I could put my 63k please

Name                                       OLD STEAMID                         NEW STEAMID               POINTS MOVED

  1. Therealkiller[HalaMadrid<3]     STEAM_0:0:1473577288        STEAM_2:1:680887200        19532
  2. LEON THE LEGEND                STEAM_0:0:1959111750         STEAM_2:1:1626680292      10221
  3. BanzaaY                                  STEAM_0:0:638063137          STEAM_2:0:170221819           1763
  4. xG.N-Dab.Tomer.B                   STEAM_0:0:904058974          STEAM_2:1:468080677           2592
  5. ChuckSkull                               STEAM_0:0:1805898952        STEAM_2:0:264207373       10791
  6. zxdsdslggsd                             STEAM_0:0:1241605268        STEAM_2:0:1863670202          2901
  7. Ca$hville                                  STEAM_0:0:42311173            STEAM_2:1:693055684            1592
  8. RCPlayer-XTCS                       STEAM_0:0:1848159528        STEAM_2:1:1916901827        15824
  9. El Rapido                                 STEAM_0:0:799876547          STEAM_2:1:340555210              943
  10. Jhon                                         STEAM_0:0:1749139655        STEAM_2:1:271612394          27438
  11. Ch0C0L@T3 G!rl                     STEAM_0:0:1221576536        STEAM_2:1:1107741756        62604
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

Old SteamID:STEAM_0:0:169067856
New SteamID: STEAM_2:1:516061595
[Image: CPHoUTH.gif]

@saymeKZ - Found and moved 746 points from STEAM_0:0:169067856 to your new STEAM_2:1:516061595. Approved.
[Image: rA4ilkf.png]

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