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anyone play league of legends?


darkskull was the one that introduced me to league of legends. sadly he doesnt play that or cs anymore. If you wanna play with me, add me on the NA server.

Well i do yeah, don't play it too much like before but sure why not. My ign is TerenH23 NA server.
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Dota_Tutorial* Kappa @gain

i think i can play on NA server now since internet is slightly better, but anyway i used to play it a year ago, i only started from march 2015 and already attained high level knowledge within 8 months but i quit bec fuck filipino teammates fucking assholes trynna pick all-assassins, fuck them, im playing sona, fuck you im playing REEL league qwerreqwreqwrqwereqwerqw ftw
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(12-28-2016, 02:16 PM)Carl Wrote: Dota_Tutorial* Kappa @gain

lol i heard of that b4, i have a friend that plays dota2 and we talk about it and we noticed how awfully similar they are
like srsly blizzerd should sue rito
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oh ye btw im stuck playing a bootlegged mobile game of LoL bec im too lazy to do a manual patch bec my LoL DOWNLOADER IS GETTING SOME FUCKINg errOR BEC I DUN FUCKING KNOW WHY BEC WINDOEWS 10 I GUESS, lol
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Schedule stuff here? It would be nice.
Shotty 136 nonsense damageĀ  Big Grin

ight a game going on right now. roy is on. if ur reading this and are on the NA server hop on league real quick

i have skin idea for sona: THICC MILF
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I used to play League long time ago, but I'm thinking to get back to it once again. The thing is that League requires low ping and for low ping, we got SEA servers.. SEA servers filled with fucking retards..
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