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Leo's Sig Request Thread

Funny, even the BB Code isn't working. Pathetic.

I've made hundreds of sigs and I tend to make 'em for the forums I hang around in, so I figured I'd start one of these threads.

If you want a sig, post the following info:

  1. Name on tag:
  2. Renders/Stocks:
  3. Any other specifics:

Sigs aren't entirely free. I'm making them for +1 reputation each.
Update: If you don't know how to give reputation, please read this thread on how to do so.

I make no guarantees on anything. I'll try to make the sigs quickly and in the order the requests are received if I can. I generally don't make sigs for people with under 100 posts, immature people, or people who provide bad materials or unusually complicated requests.

Note: If you bitch about your sig or ask me to make you a new one cause you didn't like it for some reason, this'll probably piss me off and I won't make you sigs in the future. Please be considerate, as I put my free time into making these sigs.

This thread also serves as a place to post all these crazy sigs and talk about 'em. Try to keep the conversation relevant to graphic design.

Someone sticky this please.

Banned from Sigs
Sharp Shooter

UPDATE: I made a signature tutorial last year. You can find it here:
[Image: break_free2.png]
Haters gonna hate!

Make this one into a signature for me please.

Name: shawn121788

[Image: signa_zpsede98da9.jpg]

(04-25-2011, 11:46 PM)shawn121788 Wrote: Make this one into a signature for me please.

Name: shawn121788

I didn't go all out on this because I already made you a sig and you were a douche about it. You get a 10 minute photo-manip. Be happy you even got that.

[Image: shawn_halo_fg.jpg]
[Image: break_free2.png]
Haters gonna hate!

Thanks. ^^
[Image: signa_zpsede98da9.jpg]

You do see the faggot part right?

Leo you should put on some kind of insignia on your work. Got some nice siggys out, you must claim your work. Smile
[Image: biggs_cod.png] [Image: biggs.png]

Yes i do see it dumb fuck.
[Image: signa_zpsede98da9.jpg]

you tryin to make me one that says ^Diesel

LOL @ the smudge work.
[Image: infernusforumsig.png]

What are you talking about? That picture came like that in the first place so LAWL @ you.
[Image: signa_zpsede98da9.jpg]

lawl @ you shawn it actually very clearly says halo at the bottom definitely not faggot so ok.
[Image: 243kzys.png]

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