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Yours truely, has started a thread for those who need a new sig or want their first. im not the best but ive got some knowledge in the photoshop world. if you want to make a request just
tell me who/what you want your sig to focus on
specific colors(or ill use what i feel is right)
how you want your name spelled so i get it right
and if you want/be so kind you could +1 rep me.

if you want to go as far as to tell me the style sig you want as well feel free. ill do my best Big Grin
[Image: Moonshine.jpg]

[Image: MVAsig_zpsda833e37.jpg]


i hope you will make more good sigs, and no more leo.
you gave me a very awesome sig, or i would have been hanging on my kittens still Tongue
i will add your name in my next map for zod servers (:
thank you for the best sig. ever (:
[Image: 30db7sw.jpg]
The Rising S.T.A.R - [pro]GAIN

Can you do something nice that fits my name? You get to chooseSmile
[Image: BKf6U9z.png]

Make me a sig for me mate Smile Encoted with "ZoD*|Dunh!LL" on it i would really appreciate it Big Grin

Think about tomorrow today is gone

well Popcorn if you can enlarge my sig a lil big like ismail i would be very glad to have it (:
[Image: 30db7sw.jpg]
The Rising S.T.A.R - [pro]GAIN

post the signature you made for gain in here


i would like you to make me a sig some background an assassin zombie and in the center of the image write Foley . it should be something like dunhill's but with a assassin zombie.
*copies and pastes*
[Image: FOLEY_zpsafec19be.jpg]

,,If its a hostile, you kill it !" - Hunter
,,I was filled with doubt. We have already scorched the earth once. Now the fire was in my hands, and i had to carry it though" - Artyom

i got yall ill start on them later today Big Grin thanks for sending in request. they will get done in order received !

panda you talkin about the pic you sent me ?lol

btw panda :[Image: prosig_zps33cebbf6.jpg]
[Image: Moonshine.jpg]

[Image: MVAsig_zpsda833e37.jpg]


I would like if you make me one:
Render: Avicii
Colors: Orange/Red
Name: MercuriaL

[Image: 32zjfx3.jpg]

I made this one but it seems you are better in photoshop than me Tongue
[Image: 14e5req.jpg]

LiZzArD here you go sir- [Image: Lizzardsig_zpsd467dad1.jpg]

gain- i make my sigs all about the same size so that they can be used on multiple websites without breaking sig restrictions, i can make you another sig thats big like dunhills, itll probably be a different iron man sig and itll be after i finish the other ones :]

mercurial any preference as to what you want in your sig? thanks for the compliment you seem to have some knowledge though which is good

just saw your preferences lol my bad im stoned.
[Image: Moonshine.jpg]

[Image: MVAsig_zpsda833e37.jpg]


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